The Whistling Teal
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The Whistling Teal
From the 17th century Coffee house began to open in all the mediterranean countries and before long they could be found all over Europe. The Whistling Teal however, has revived all the charm of the oriental cafes.
The Whistling Teal is a family run humble tavern offering unbeatable Rajput hospitality and gives a perfect demonstration of the Indian belief of "Atithi Devo Bhava" which literally means the guest is god. The Whistling Teal is an oasis with its lovely garden and serene setting in the hustle bustle of the crazy bazaar in the old city. It is a great place for lounging in between your hectic sightseeing and shopping frenzies. Travellers come to escape from the heat of the sun, to meet friends, chat, read and while away the hours smoking Moroccan hookahs with flavours varying from cola to grapes to mixed fruit which gives an exotic experience to go along with your coffee.

Coffee: The name irresistibly evokes the exquisite fragrance of freshly Brewed beans. Before it reaches your cup however, coffee is nothing more than the seed of a tropical shrub, The Whistling Teal savours exotic varieties of coffee which is an answer to any persian or viennese or any coffee you must have had in the world.

At The Whistling Teal it can either be a sumptuous breakfast, a quick bite or a relaxed meal. Our chefs' preparation of Indian and Rajasthan delights are referred to as a pleasant change by our guests. The Whistling Teal is one of the most romantic place for an ideal candle lit dinner under canopies providing coziness overlooking the beautiful garden.
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